Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Il Forno's Billboard is up

See the new Il Forno Billboard all of June 2009 right in the center of dowtown Worcester...

Intelligent Skin Sense Re-design

NMM took ISS' logo and gave it a face lift with color. We designed an entire new set of marketing materials for her very successful spa, Intelligent Skin Sense. ISS is moving locations and the new green spa set to open next week. Thanks to Printing For Less, which is 100% windpowered and the greenest print company we could find, visit their website to read why.

We were able to print everything on 60%post-consumer waste paper and cardstock. Congratulations Marlene on the new spa and good luck!

Intelligent Skin Sense Launches Flagship Green Boutique & Spa

June 10, 2009

Intelligent Skin Sense Launches Flagship Green Boutique & Spa

Fairfield, CT: June 18st, 2009 Intelligent Skin Sense (ISS) launches its flagship green beauty boutique and spa offering age rebelling products and services that use smart technology, green chemistry, and eco-friendly resources. The 1600 square foot space begins with a lifestyle beauty boutique that features the Intelligent Skin Sense skin and body treatment line, ISS Spa-to-Go kits and ISS Green Envy line of mineral make-up. In addition the boutique supports local entrepreneurs and authors and its shelves are lined with wellness and self help books, locally made products and hand made artisan jewelry. The spa is beautifully designed for total relaxation and has four spacious treatment rooms for massage, facials and wellness services. The waiting area has an oxygen bar and ionic foot bath that provide “while you wait “services. Additionally there is a lounge area for lunch and learns events that take place monthly on Mondays and feature key note speakers on wellness issues, nutrition and beauty related topics. Intelligent Skin Sense is situated in the center of Fairfield CT in an affluent and trendy neighborhood that has an outdoor mall feel with chains such as Starbucks, Victoria Secret, Borders Books combined with innovative Mom and Pop stores.
Intelligent Skin Sense mission is to inspire a healthy philosophy for our customers and to provide them with tools to live a more beautiful and enriched life. The idea of a green spa was a natural transition for the company as Marlene Katz, the founder, began this concept many years ago in New York City in her first spa. She had practiced holistic skin care long before the term “green” as far back as the early 80’s where Marlene launched the day spa concept nearly twenty-five years ago on the Upper West Side across from the infamous Dakota. The spa was one of the first to recognize the healing power of holistic spa treatments. Now, Marlene is a role model and spokesperson for this green evolving movement that has come so far from the granola days of the 60’s. Marlene says, “To be green is to care about our planet as if it were a family member and to treat it with the same care.” To this end, Intelligent Skin Sense is committed to integrating sustainable and renewable sources and works with suppliers who manufacture eco-friendly products. Its vendors use ethical protocol such as wastewater and environmental management systems; plant a tree programs and electricity from renewable wind power. ISS selects printing companies based on their environmental practices for paper stock and ink and institutes a “less is best” policy of minimalist packaging, and uses recycled products, boxes, paper goods. The Intelligent Skin Sense facility is designed with eco-friendly materials, cork floors in the spa area, recycled wood floors in the front boutique and eco-friendly formaldehyde free paints. A water filtration system was installed so that plastic bottled water could be eliminated and an energy efficient washer and dryer to lesson the use of disposable paper products in the spa. Being green at ISS means that all business decisions are weighed carefully, consciously, and ethically, as if every day were earth day.
For Press Inquiries Please Contact: Tracey Thomas or 203-258-4555
Intelligent Skin Sense strives to inspire healthy conscious thoughts and to raise the bar in the beauty culture through brand integrity. Whether its product development, educational platforms or contributing to charitable organizations, Intelligent Skin Sense emphasis is on inspiring woman to towards wellness and beauty from the inside out.

A spa industry pioneer, Marlene Katz launched the day spa concept nearly twenty-five years ago when she opened her first highly acclaimed and celebrity frequented spa in New York City. One of the first to recognize the healing power of holistic spa treatments to fight the signs of aging, Marlene incorporated home-prepared herbal skin treatments to her spa’s menu. Utilizing her past experiences and expertise of the spa industry, Marlene created Intelligent Skin Sense skin and body care system to provide quality products to all women. When Marlene is not cooking up spa formulas she spends her spare time concocting many healthy recipes for her family (and dogs). Her new project is a lifestyle book on spa living at home.