Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mothers and Company Grand Opening PRESS!!!!

Of course, the PR and marketing mind behind this great press, is our parnter, Christina Andrianopoulos.

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November 1-9

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Thursday, November 12, 2009


WEST BOYLSTON — The town officially became the center of a support movement aimed at new or expectant mothers last week with the official ribbon cutting of Mothers and Company. The business, part retail store, part social hub, part consulting firm, part support group, relocated to West Boylston on Oct. 13 after three years in Boylston. Last Wednesday, the town and the Wachusett Chamber of Commerce officially welcomed the company to town.

According to owner and co-founder Jeanette Mesite Frem, the new location was dubbed an “oasis for parents,” by state Senator Harriette Chandler, who toured the building last week.

“That’s a perfect description for us,” Frem said, “an oasis; a spa without the hoity-toity attitude.”

Frem said Mothers and Company officially opened three years ago in a room at Cyprian Keyes Golf Club, a Boylston business also owned by the Frem family. The idea came from Frem and a group of friends, all of whom were involved in different areas of the healthcare industry involving childbirth and parenting, from nurses to midwives.

Frem said discussions among the friends revealed many frustrations about the lack of one location for the multiple support groups or retail items, like cloth diapers and baby slings, the women would recommend to their clients.

“You had to go to one hospital for one thing, go to another for something else and look on the Internet for the items we were recommending,” she said.

Instead, the group brainstormed and developed Mothers and Company, which now boasts the largest retail selection of nursing bras and cloth diapers in the area, she said.

While owning the 500 square foot space in Boylston allowed complete control, its size limited flexibility and ultimately would not allow Frem to reach her goals with Mothers and Company. Retail items were displayed around the outside of one room, where all of the classes and activities took place.

In contrast, the company’s new home in the Three Rivers Building at 140 Worcester St., the former home of RayAnn Physical Therapy, allows for many more activities, Frem said.

“I saw this building three years and knew it would be a great location,” she said. “Things didn’t work out at the time.”

Town Administrator Leon Gaumond Jr. represented the town at the ribbon cutting, referencing Frem’s comments about finding the ideal spot to expand.

“Nothing makes me happier than to hear a business owner say they were looking for the right place and they found in here in West Boylston,” Gaumond said.

Activities and classes now include childbirth classes, developmental playtime for toddlers, breastfeeding classes, pre-natal and post-natal exercise classes and consultations for post-partum depression and similar afflictions. All the employees can empathize with the clients, she noted.

“Every person who works here is a mother who breastfed,” Frem said.

And, the list of what services to offer clients is ever-growing, she said. Upcoming classes listed on the company’s Web site include: Nursing beyond the first year, music and movement, vaccination information and a diaper-free information session.

“Anything you can think of, we’ll try to do,” Frem said. “We’re always welcoming new ideas.”

Clients can also take advantage of the other therapeutic businesses in the Three Rivers building, including a chiropractor, a masseuse, holistic medicine, an acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine.

“Really, it was just taking the vision I had three years ago and finding space for it,” Frem said.

More information and a listing of events and classes can be found online at

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