Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Build Your Own Snowman - freebie printable for kids

In the spirt of this snow day, I have drawn a "Build Your Own Snowman" Freebie.
Email me pics of your kids designs and I will post them!

Here's one masterpiece by a 6 year old, any more? Submit them and I will post!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

FREEBIE! Gift Card Coloring Page for Kids - (or adults)

My kids love coloring anything that they can color. Make some hot chocolate, print on sticker paper and let them color these gift tags for that extra special touch. Please leave a comment if you like/use this and I will make more!
Click on the picture to download

Freebies!!! Brown gift tags

Brown is one of my favorite colors so I designed some brown colored gift tags. Print on sticker paper or regular cards stock to adorn your gifts this holiday season. Click on the picture to download.

Holiday Freebie - Red/Black Gift Tags

We've seen a lot of red/black this holiday season. Clothes, gift wrap, decorations. Here are some red/black gift tags to match your wrapping! Print on regular cardstock and tape to your gift or print on sticker paper. Click on the picture to download. ENJOY!

Here is the bottom tag on the vintage wrapping paper I got from IKEA.

 and I used this link to learn how to tie a bow - still need practice